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First day (4 hours)
Program "Copper Buddha"

Basic program of the use of one singing bowl from Copper Buddha category (S/M/L).
  1. The real history of singings bowls and the cultural development of sound therapy.
  2. Classification of singing bowls by their characteristics. Main types of singing bowls for therapy and their key differences from the souvenir and other kinds of bowls.
  3. The proper and safe way to use singing bowls: main Indications and contraindications.
  4. The effect and use of singing bowls. The meaning of the sound and the vibration and the way they impact on the physical body, mentality, water, and surrounding space.
  1. The sound-producing techniques and types of instruments.
  2. Basic methods of the vibrational massage with singing bowls.
  3. The schemes of working with a single singing bowls for different parts of the body.
  1. We will learn contact and mediated massage with one bowl for yourself and your pair.
  2. Working in pairs (in position, standing, laying on stomach and back.
  3. Your questions about the technique.
Vibration is a massage method, where a massage therapist's hand (or apparatus) transfers oscillating motions to a massaged body part with different frequency, intensity, amplitude and rate
— A.F. Verbov
About SOUND YOGA International School of Singing Bowls
Sound Yoga International School of Singing Bowls was found in 2013 by two healing experts Ekaterina and Ivan Konovalovy. Since 2010, the couple have been travelling around Europe, Asia and Russia, improving in the sphere of yoga and sound therapy.

Studying effective techniques and methods of natural healing, our trainers formed a strong system of mental and physical health rehabilitation. In 2015, the project entered the international market. In 2017, professional sound therapy studio was found in Goa, India. In 2018, the school started producing high-quality ecological bowls. The amount of our trainees has grown by 5 times since 2012 and has reached 500 people in a year.
Our school is also specialized in the production of exclusive photo and video concerning singing bowls culture. All our designed techniques and instruments of sound therapy are applied by hundreds of our trainees all over the world: in America, Europe, Asia and Russia.
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, you should think in three terms - the term of energy, vibration and frequency
Nikola Tesla
Singing bowls for vibro-acoustic massage
This is specialized technique of vibration and sound effect of singing bowls on internal, external organs and tissues of the body, as well as the entire energy system of a person.

You will explore new universal techniques and methods of vibrational massage with singing bowls for private practice and professional activity, and, most importantly, the way to work with a singing bowl or a set safely. In the school, we demonstrate the subject from different angles and give a complex understanding of sound therapy.
This is a type of vibration massage that provides good lymphatic drainage, improves blood flow, the propagation of neural impulses, and the regeneration of organs functions. This massage is healthy for all people including 1-year-old babies who don't have any contraindications of massage. It helps to improve children's psychoemotional state and physical development.

The method also helps to relieve stress and harmonize the neural system of adults. For those who suffer from increased anxiety, sleep disorder, and depressions, the massage can regulate the state after the third session.
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All this is a game of energy of infinite consciousness. Consciousness vibrates and the world appearance arises
— Yoga Vasishtha

Singing bowls & yoga

Yoga, an ancient science of self-development, is looking for new ways in the moden world connecting with the culture of singing bowls!
More and more yoga trainers have started to pay attention to the unique sound of singing bowls which are perfectly suitable for Shavasana or Nidra yoga, Kundalini yoga and other types of natural and complex healing of body.

Singing bowls vibration can penetrate much better in a relaxed and warmed-up body during practice. Working softly but still deeply, singing bowls are able to release deep clamps and worries of the past and to cleanse the whole body on physical and energy level. It is a working tool to expand the spectrum and enhance your practice!

Exclusive opportunity for people who work in the spa!

Join us and you will receive recommendations how to equip place for healing the patients with singing bowls. You will get an opportunity to integrate sound-therapy into your space. Our high-quality massage sets of singinging bowls will be an excellent additional tool for SPA and WELNESS treatments in the hands of a professionally trained specialist!

Improvement of capillary blood flow provides good tissue regeneration, i.e. healing the wounds, bone regeneration after breaks. Alongside with the positive changes of the mood, bodywork improvements are characterized by obvious body rejuvenation due to the cell structure regeneration and the normalization of metabolism. The body starts the process of recovery of its parts.
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Differences and advantages of our training system:
- The master imparts ancient knowledge and author's techniques - a symbiosis of studies from tradition bearers (Nepal, India) and own practice.
- No need to go to another country, full base and justified, working technique are behind the ONE course!
- Singing bowls and sound therapy are the master's main activity and income
- Modern health improvement systems are integrated into the ancient tradition
- The training will be a good addition to the personal and professional practice
- The session is held in clothes and there is no direct energy exchange with a client
- Vibration of bowls influences all session participants at once
- Mobility. The techniques can be carried out abroad with a minimal set of singing bowls
- It is available without medical or music education
- There are almost no contraindications (in the touchless scheme)
- Individual approach and selection of singing bowls or a set of sbs for therapy
- Get them and hold a test session
You will learn and study:
- The real, modern history of singing bowls and development of the sound therapy culture
- The main singing bowl types for therapy and their key differences from souvenir gifts
- Influence and use of singing bowls. What is a sound and vibration and how do they influence a physical body, human mind, water and environment.
- How to use singing bowls properly and safely. Indications and contraindications
- Preparation of a space, master and inventory for a session. Tuning for the practice
- Phonation principles and tools for a full session
- Full "vibration-acoustic massage" scheme
- Massage in dorsal position, prone position, lateral position, sitting position
- Diagnostics by means of a sound and vibration
- Development of health-improving programs under an individual case for 1-3-5-7-10 sessions.
- Eastern and Western approach to the sound therapy
- Differences for different age groups and pregnant women
- Individual and group therapy with singing bowls
Our trainees:
- Relaxes and balances the psycho-emotional state
- Anesthetic effect for migraines and joint pains
- Positive effects on the urinogenital and endocrine system
- Energy potential improvement
- Release of stress and clamps from internal organs and deeply lying body tissues
- Antiviral and anti-inflammatory actions
- Immunity improvement

During exacerbation, singing bowls are not used!

Singing Bowls for everyone!

We organize different events: workshops, individual and group trainings and meditations, personal and paired vibrational massage sessions.

We train:
  • Traditional medicine specialists;
  • Massage therapists, manual therapists, psychologists and healers;
  • Trainers and practicals of yoga, meditation, qigong, and other healing systems;
  • Musicians and people interested in sound, sound therapists;
  • People who want to be healthy and make their close people healthy;
  • People interested in self-development and leading healthy lives.
      Our teachers:
      Ivan Konovalov
      The founder and SOUND YOGA school manager
      Qualification and certificates

      Training Place

      Our trainees' reviews
      In my opinion, Tibetan bowls massage is an effective way to relax because a person has a proper rest for one hour. The sound of bowls shifts your attention from your thoughts to the present moment. Different vibrations fill your body and your mind with pleasure. The vibration reaches those inner parts of the body that can't be reached with hands in ordinary massage. The vibration massage influences the body, so the session gives both relaxing and healing effects. That's a good combination. You can feel calmness and sense of peace after the massage. The training is for everyone who wants to share those feelings to their close people. A single bowl is enough for the massage. The trainer helps to select a proper bowl for you.
      Ekaterina Veprentseva
      Ekaterina, participant of the Vibration-acoustic massage training. Novosibirsk
      I really want to say thank you for your training. This is a simple intensive and useful training. I gained a lot for a short period of time.
      I love my sets of singing bowls that Ivan selected for me.
      I also have a full set of small singing bowls from a different trainer. When I got it, I was so happy to have them, but I didn't have enough experience in the subject to understand that those bowls were not for me. I was disappointed.
      Great job! It is very important to sell high-quality goods because it allows your clients to recommend you to their friends and acquaintances. Well, I will recommend you anyway. Ivan Konovalov has the best singing bowls!
      Galina Valtfogel
      Galina, a participant of the Vibration-acoustic massage training. Novokuznetsk
      I want to express my GRATITUDE to Ekaterina and Ivan for their attention and magic information. It is the first time I has participated in the training. I am so excited with the knowledge I gained, and I really want to use them in practice. I have a medical background, so I am always interested in nontraditional methods of healing! Singing bowls do work wonders! I'd like to start working with them as soon as possible and demonstrate my knowledge in practice.
      Tatyana Romanova
      Tatyana, a participant of the Vibration-acoustic massage training.
      There was a magnificent atmosphere during the training. Thank you, Ivan and all event organizers. The most important thing I got from training is a feeling of mental clarity and expansion of consciousness. I do want to share these feelings with other. I am glad that I took part in the training. Indeed, sound is our Universe.
      Svetlana, a participant of the Vibration-acoustic massage training. Krasnoyarsk.


      25 SEPTEMBER
      one day intensive
      When booking:
      100 $
      If you have any of the listed diseases bellow, all types of massage are counterindicated to you, so we can't enrol you to our course.
      1. Diseases in the exacerbation stage
      2. Pregnancy
      3. Tuberculosis
      4. Oncology (incl. Uterine myoma)
      5. Epilepsy
      One day of training with special school singing bowls
      Meditation and massage courses
      Individual counseling during selection of singing bowls
      Transfer costs
      Food and living costs
      Individual consultations and sessions of the sound therapy
      Price includes:
      Price does not include:
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