Vera Kamaeva
Vera is originally from Siberia, however she decided to leave her home country and become a ‘child of the world’. Vera has lived in the UK, USA, Spain, India, Sri Lanka and has visited more than 50 countries. Vera has called the UAE home since 2010.

Vera’s Sound Healing journey started 3 years ago with International School of Tibetan singing bowls and Gongs, Sound Yoga. She is certified Sound Therapist and representative of Sound Yoga, UAE. She has conducted several Sound Healing/Vibro- Acoustic massage training in Abu dhabi and Dubai. Vera conducts different types of healing practices, combining sound healing with Yoga, Yoga nidra, guided meditations, breathwork, and Reiki.

She uses profound effects of Tibetan Singing bowls, Crystal bowls, Gong and a lot of other instruments to take you into a deeper journey of your ‘Real-self’ creating space for healing and insights.

Vera started her Yoga Journey 10yrs ago. She is certified Yoga teacher 500YTT, Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Yoga for kids, Yoga therapy for people with injuries or different health issues and Level 2 Certified in the Usui Reiki.
  • Certified fitness instructor in Body HIIT, Dance Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Pilates.
  • 200hrs Hatha Yoga, Marianne Wells Yoga school, Costa Rica.
  • 300hrs Yoga Therapy, Paramanand Institute of Yoga and Science Research, Indore India.
  • 100hrs Yoga for kids, Yoga Vidya Gurukul Ashram, Nasik, India.
  • 100hrs Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Vidya Gurukul Ashram, Nasik, India.
  • Usui Reiki Level 2.
  • 16hrs Advanced Vibro-acoustic Sound Healing Course, Sound Yoga , Abu Dhabi.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming basic course, National Federation of NLP, USA.
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